rickshaw advertising


rickshaw advertising

Who we are

  • We are the problem solvers, the enthusiastic innovators and most importantly the customer oriented marketers
  • Auto rickshaw advertising is one of our specialities and in house services
  • We believe in complete customer satisfaction which helps us to retain our customers.
  • As marketers we believe branding is all about bombarding the consumer about the brand so as to create a permanent memory about it.

What we do

  • We do rickshaw advertising in Mumbai and many other places in India
  • We believe in hyper local advertising is the way to increase brand awareness amongst a brand’s target audience
  • Some of our clients like Wok Express, LudoKing have benefited a lot from our auto rickshaw branding campaign

How we do

  • We create customized and clutter free advertisements by understanding your brand thoroughly
  • Then we analyze the brand’s target audience and place on auto-rickshaws to enable hyper local advertising