Auto Rickshaw Branding

Walking around the streets in India is an experience in itself. The lively and bustling streets are proof that the streets in India are the definition of raw and candid. One another very popular sighting on Indian streets are auto-rickshaws, and what’s something that you will find on almost all auto-rickshaws? Auto-rickshaw advertisements. Thus catchy and innovative advertisements on auto-rickshaws can draw the audience's attention and charm them. A catchy advertisement can secure someplace in the audiences’ mind which will yield sales at some point in time.

Rickshaw advertising is a rapidly increasing mode of modern day advertising due to its reach and geographical personalization. It works very well for local B2C brands which target certain demography or class of people locally.

The reason why auto rickshaw branding is so effective is that on an average auto rickshaw  covers around 150-200 km of area in a day and spends about 16-20 hours on roads. Thus, any auto rickshaw branding's advertisement that is displayed on the roof or hood of the auto would also move throughout the day and would cover high streets, crowded market areas, residential colonies, colleges, corporate areas, etc.

Thus the reach and effectiveness of rickshaw branding have significant reach. Being cost effective, auto rickshaw branding is preferred by big and small marketers. With the advertising rights of over a lakh auto-rickshaw across Mumbai, we create a space for smart branding with advertisements on auto-rickshaws.

Auto rickshaw branding can be effectively used for tactical advertising, promoting seasonal offers, new product launches. It creates the much-needed engagement even when the budget for advertising is limited. Rickshaw branding in Mumbai can be used to advertise a brand 24*7 on roads, highways, lanes and even remote nooks and corners of the city.


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I have worked with Mr Alok on several occasions. He & his company Universal Media Solutions, have helped our organisation to achieve our communication objectives with accompanying results. He & his team members have a high degree of knowledge & expertise in their field of work and I would recommend them to anyone who would also like to succeed with their marketing & communication plans. I wish Mr. Alok and his team all the very best for the future.

Leiroy Anthony
Sheth Creator

If one has to look before and beyond professionalism in an Individual, Mr Alok is the answer. By personal stature he is a composed person and a perfectionist at his profession. Mr. Alok & his team are great performers both in the areas of technology as well as business. They believe in delivering high quality, precise and to-the-point solutions to their clients. Mr Alok , with his experience in the industry, has a unique knack of getting thing done as per deadlines to be able to meet targets & objectives in line with those of his client's companies.

Sonal Shinde

Ah! Alok - he is just one of those on-top-of-the-world persons. He always thinks big & beyond the ordinary and has great, new & innovative ideas to share along with the capability to effectively implement them. Considering his present age and status, I strongly feel that it won´t be long before he becomes a well known personality in the industry. Great to have a friend like you, Alok. God bless.

Pushkar Jadhav
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